And we meet again Friends …

I am back everybody to the graceful third quarter of this challenging year, 2021. My message this time around is directed at your inner person, your conscience.

The constitution of the republic of South Africa is based on a foundation of “futurist” and not naturalists. This in simple words means that we live in a Constitution which is not based on the foundation of God as the guide of our daily lives. This therefore means that the complex and convoluted laws and regulations made by this government are anti-Christ and Kingdom life as dictated by the gospel bible of God, our maker.

Therefore note that observing some of the convoluted and draconian laws (e.g. Restrictions on God’s Churches, Curfews and poisoning your own body through compulsory wearing of face-mask’s under the disguise of self-protection) instituted by this government is short of nothing but accomplice by us, the people. Any constitution created on the foundation of God’s word will not observe;

  • Decide for family when the children should be involved in fornication and drinking of alcohol – talk about taking parenthood away from family through deception .
  • Termination of pregnancies no matter the condition – Eugenics program of the pagan cult.
  • Subjecting Kingdom citizens into adject-poverty under this so-called advanced constitution – over 60% unemployment rate.
  • Subtly leading our children into prostitution and drug addiction through violent poverty.
  • Destruction of Family-unit by displacement of fathers away from their families for economic opportunities.
  • Consideration of multiple-husband marriage by a woman or man – Total violation of family definition by God.
  • Redefinition of family through homosexuality – In God’s eyes, a Man is a Mam, and a Woman is a Woman, not these scientist-designed sexual preferences culture.

We live in hard times, where we are constantly asked to abandon our natural human-rights for the so-called “greater or public good”. Social awakening here at SALGC is meant to awaken every man and woman in this country to re-claim our God-given power from the pagan Government and their unseen masters which has no respect for God. The government should be made for and by us the people, not the other way round.

This country and the world are in desperate need of true and fearless leaders who will stand for what is right, instead of what is deemed politically correct. Kingdom gospel and its people have been put to the cross in this country and across the world while majority of us are sitting twinkling our thumbs. For every man and woman reading this report, humanity as created by God is at stake of complete termination as we know it and this includes the entire future of your children and theirs. You owe it to them therefore to cease to remain in a mind-control zone for eternity, snap out of it and look at the glaring evidence all over and around you. Its your turn to do something other than just complaining.                                                                                                                                                                             

There are lots of organizations here at home including SALGC, and outside the country working hard to restore God’s Kingdom on earth, but without your “physical-active” support of these movements; all our efforts will unfortunately be in vain.


I believe majority of you have heard about this phrase (Agenda 21) more than once, at times it is called Sustainable development by this pagan government in order to confuse and mislead you. It is not called Agenda 21 because of year 2021, but it is the agenda for the 21st Century, planned many decades back by the unseen forces which are masters to the government you continually vote for every five years. Your political parties take mandate from these unseen forces who belong to what is called a Committee of 300”, They are all finger of the same glove. The mandate of agenda 21 amongst many others, is to take away your personal freedom and everything you own including your property and all asserts turning them into state-control asserts; and you are expected to be happy when that occurs. This information I am sharing here is written in the UN documents of Agenda 21; and that can be verified by yourself through their websites. Now, I need you to know that whether you take this information as gospel truth or not, the agenda continues.

Frankly speaking they rely on your ignorance to advance their diabolic agenda at an alarming speed, after all it is our responsibility to know this information as it is not hidden in the rabbit hole, they owe us no explanation if we chose the expensive route of ignorance. Operating on a long-range basis, this agenda intends to unilaterally take away your individual freedom in a deceptive excuse of doing it for a “greater-good-of-everyone”. They have done the same with the spreading of Covid_19 virus, which was created through the funding of a gain-of-function research with Americans taxpayers money, technically our money also. This so-called virus which caused a “Great-Panic of 2020 has caused increased fear which is ultimately dividing the communities who soon will be separated with the digital vaccine ID, the evil tactics to ensure many loses their jobs; including individual freedom. Agenda 21 aims to ensure that you’re dependent on the government for your survival since you will soon be forced to surrender all you have to the cult, including your life . This is not a pandemic, it is an endemic (meaning, it is planned not to end) which is to be continued perpetually in the name of introduction of various Covid variants as they have already started with Indian and Brazilian variant while dangling the freedom-carrot only if you take a diabolic vaccine.

As for the Covid test swaps, the PCR does not test Covid at all, this was confirmed by the creator (the late Kary Mullis)

You need to know that the Covid Swap which they stick deep in your nose halfway through your skull is covered with a cancer causing drug called ethylene oxide, they also carry nano-particles delivered into your brain for easy manipulation and mind-control.

For all the religious people, the effects are we will all be subjected to One-World Religion which is obviously the same pagan religion which is already spreading like wild-fire across our land and the world. Censorship of news by mainstream media is a form of depriving you of information meant to allow you to make informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones. You will notice that any news outside mainstream media is labelled “fake news” because it does not confirm the diabolic agenda of the cult.


I know there are good men and women in this country who are willing to stand for what is right, not what is deemed politically correct; we are eternally grateful for your bravery despite the personal risk you are taking with your lives – the course is much bigger than our careers and lives. I am calling on all medical professionals to speak out openly like minority of us do to save humanity, do not be accomplice to destruction of lives by the diabolic cult which knows the truth but choses its individual short-term happiness at the expense of God’s humanity. We are being subverted from our natural independence to their diabolic supremacy.

We are all interdependent people each with the law of “Free-will”, given to each one of us by the creator. Therefore anyone attempting to take that free-will away from you, does indeed take away natural freedom to decide what is right and correct, against what is not for yourself. We should not allow the government to take away our right to gather, to communicate to each other, to deprive our God-given bodies fresh air by being forced  to walk around with face-nappies thus poisoning our bodies all the time with carbon dioxide. Politically, we live in what they call democracy, where our free-will to decide what and which laws makes sense and which ones are nonsensical, free-will was given to us by God to be in his image and likeness, it should not be surrendered to anyone, it must forever reside with each one of us until the end.

To the ordinary man and women, sons and daughters, citizens of the world, I plead with you to wake up and seek knowledge so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones through informed correct decision-making all the time. You’re in vulnerable position to make any decision when you have knowledge deficit on the current state of affairs regarding what I have just related above.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

To the believers of God, you have probably never had a true test of your faith and belief until this moment. It is time to speak the truth with your tongue, otherwise you’re not different from anyone talking blasphemy against God. Your church disciples/congregants rely deeply on your guidance on how to navigate these tough times. Fear nothing, lead the way by speaking truth to power, and remember the devil always mixes lies with the truth in order to make the truth more plausible for the unsuspecting Kingdom citizen.

Finally to the officers of the law, myself and the rest of us; we respect you as the vital part of our communities, but I remind you that it is our natural law (God’s Will) you’ve sworn to protect and uphold; the oath you took states that our collective Will is served with integrity and impartiality, meaning that you’re to use your conscience in the execution of your duty. You’re not here to police illegitimate legislations and laws cooked up by a corrupt government which has overplayed its hand.

This is the era of urgent Social Awakening for us the people, to reclaim our power which was taken away from us through dialectic deception of politics. This government is gradually moving us, the people; to totalitarian state through tiptoeing methodologies – We have to wake up now and stop them, we are all called to show leadership in order to restore God’s humanity.

Let us all reignite our common/natural law and bring power back to us, the people; we do have more rights beyond what we have been told. Talking our power back by openly and publicly speaking the truth instead of violence, because violence is ultimately a violation of everyone’s natural law.

Remember, nobody stands above ‘We’ the people except our heavenly Father.

Stay blessed.

Remember, “You should not complain if you’re not willing to do anything about it”.

– @Bo’T theOracle –