Our Recurring programmes

Bimonthly leadership lectures with various high-profile national & international leaders the purpose in line with  our founding pillar of mental liberation of our minds in developing us into effective leaders with high moral conviction.

Although changing a person’s mindset is a herculean task, SALGC undertook this responsibility through collaboration with many other available participating stakeholders through this powerful program.

The resilient leadership of this club will not give up this responsibility even with limited interactive movement resulting from Covid-19 national regulations. It is therefore for this reason that these lectures although ideal to have in physical meetings, they happen online twice a month with various high-profile national & international leaders, and the purpose is in line with our first founding pillar of mental liberation of our minds in partnership with available stakeholders. The aim is developing us into effective leaders of high moral conviction, which will be passed on to generations after our time. SALGC sees topics of national importance being discussed and importantly the audience, both via Zoom, Facebook Live and other social media platforms are equipped with practical tools which help them in their everyday lives. The speakers volunteer their times as part of giving back to the nation, empowering those who would not afford such normally high paid services.

A collaboration is formed with these speakers as some conclude to joining the club after their first visit while others due to their extremely busy schedules conclude to always be available to share their knowledge on the topics, they master the most as and when they are so requested to. There is never a shortage of topic of speaker each second Sunday of every month and usually most people have standing family appointment with SALGC on these selected Sundays.

Although always hosted by the Club chairman, he always opens up the platform for other leaders as a leadership exposure and empowerment of his team. However, the ultimate purpose is to have every SALGC leader championing and hosting their own initiative which will enable them to sharing their God-given gift with the rest of us through this amazing platform – At the end of the day it’s all about Leadership development. As the chairman always say, “the greatest gift you can give the future is producing a leader today”.

SALGC national school essay competition is a recurring annual competition affording male child from age 9-25 yrs to write an essay on toxic masculinity. The purpose is to have male child learning through research with the incentive of winnings).

Our country is occupied with various social ill’s which include amongst others the abuse, bullying and killing of women, children and each other by mostly men as common perpetrators, and this is not denying that women are also involved in these hideous crimes against children, other women and the vulnerable men.

SALGC believes that all these are a clear symptom of lack of family structure, a system responsible to producing leaders. Society is a prototype of family, that is why collapse of our families has resulted in the production of clusters of mafia’s masquerading as leaders.

With the believe that leadership development begins in a family structure, the leadership of this club decided to initiate this national program of SALGC

Youth essay-writing competition in line with the second pillar of “Total respect of self, women, children and each other”. Through this program the youth of this nation will be required to engage in the essay-writing of a selected nation-trending topic as a matter of fact the purpose being to have a national family conversation where children will engage their parents, guidance, teachers and each other on the meaning of the subject-matter or topic thus learning in the process.

Our inaugural topic was “Toxic masculinity, with this topic the purpose was for a boy-child to learn the effects of their toxic behaviour on others, economy and each other, thus learning the art of self-restrain in future when such behaviours pattens raises its ugly heads in themselves.

This is a recurring annual competition affording male child from age 9-25 years to write an essay on toxic masculinity. The purpose is to have male child learning through research with the incentive of winnings some prices sponsored by independent doners, business, government or international doners. This we find to be an effective method to covering the national youth of our country without the risk of disadvantaging other province over the others as is the usual trend in our country were city dwellers are almost near resources then non city dwellers.

The awaken-youth as the future of tomorrow, are the greatest gift we can give tomorrow through mentorship and relevant non-manipulative education.

Project ro-alowa-rothe (community based shareholding economic model in which communities own the wealth of their own communities through share scheme).

Until each community in our country realise the power of their togetherness as the economic resource, will ensure economic freedom for themselves and future generations, poverty and destitute will be a foreign memory. SALGC believes that through its fourth pillar of “Creating economic opportunities amongst local communities and ensuring economic beneficiation from local wealth”. Through this community crowd-funding method, a shareholding business economic model is established which will depend on its own community shareholders for market and dividends growth.

Through Ro-Aluwa-Rothe, a Venda word meaning “we are growing together’, each participating community member will be able to pass on family wealth to their beneficiaries thus retaining wealth within family for generations to come. This economic model turns each community into an incredible economic force to reckon with as for the first-time economy created by the community is retained in the community longer for the same community beneficiation.

SALGC believe that it is an indictment of each community for external business to benefit from local community when same community members and the building blocks of external beneficiaries. This program requires mental or paradigm-shift as its commonly called.

SALGC challenges every community to take up this opportunity and engage the club in implementing Ro-Aluwa-Rothe in their communities, this toxic behaviour of selfish individualism should see the end of its ruin in this new era.

The calculator below gives a best-case indication of each capital investment of each carefully selected community-project when optimally supported.

Then project ro-alowa-rothe (community based shareholding economic model in which communities own the wealth of their own communities through share scheme).

The greatest success of any leader is producing a successor. A leader who failes to do this, is a loser as all he/she ever build will collapse shortly after he or she pass. We believe that we are all leaders in our respective areas of dominance. And it is for this reason that each one of us produce as successor by mentoring a child, wether yours or a neighbor’s – that’s true leadership.

Here at the Club a mentoring program is done through our group of national youth ambassadors who are given platform to be creative on how they can execute programs that will encourage leadership out of their peers and others.

The program is at infancy but a lot is underway to ensure its ultimate success.

Mentoring these young men is in a way creating measurable value out of them in that each plan is followed by evaluation and feedback.

There SALGC encourages every boy-child in this to make this opportunity work by joining the Club by participating in this incredible initiative which in a way encourages a culture of “work” before you reap. This Club is for every young men and older men to benefit growth from. We therefore encourage every parent out there to encourage their boy-child to be at SALGC throughout their lives. This program aims to assist these young men to answer the pertinent question of who they are.

Let’s us also have business, private diners and parents who will adopt these boys by sponsoring their various programs. Any donors with good intentions are welcomed to support this immense initiative. Please visit our website and by a “Donation” tab do your part in developing young men into a leadership transition.

Green vegetable garden project particularly for informal settlements filling up open spaces with vegetable gardens in order to sustain the communities.

This program is mostly an encouragement of each house-hold to develop food manufacturing habit in eliminating poverty. This is in line with our third pillar of “rebuilding the relationship with our resources such as land, communities and money”. SALGC encourages each South African household to create value out of every piece of land available in their neighbourhoods and back yards.

All existing dumping places should be turned into micro green vegetable garden in order to sustain lives especially in these times of increased unemployment and depredation. This already will benefit healthy eating and eliminate unnecessary illnesses amongst our communities.

SALGC believes that households managed by children will also be long term beneficiaries of this changed behavioural project. Poverty begins in the brain, so we believe and if we change how we think, how we spend our time and how we receive one another and resources around us, we will never be forced to do ill in the name of poverty.

Start now, and send us WhatsApp pictures of your backyard garden or former dump place garden which we will post in encouragement of others. Until we change how we think, nothing around us will change, everything will remain the same – every cent counts.

Father/Son & Father/Daughter Picnics/Lunches in partnership with business, the purpose is to fortify the relationship between fathers and their children.

South Africa was set to be leading the world with over six million fatherless children five ago. We believe that this number has increased tremendously with the scourge of joblessness and increased crime levels.

This club is teaching men through this program that no matter how long you have been away from your children for whatever reason, as long as you’re alive; you still have the opportunity to mend things, you can go back and repair the damage. It is for this reason that we open to collaboration with any interested sponsors, donors and business who is willing to coordinate lunch for fathers and daughters in a neutral environment to get them talking; forging the broken relationship and paving the healthy way forward.

We call on all interested businesses to support this SALGC program, contact the club leadership or simply click the donation button on the far right of the home page and make your pledge for this incredible course. Pillar four, “rebuilding the relationship with our resources such as land each other/communities and money”

LEWA-LA-BANNA Programme 2021 Why be part of the programme?
  • to educate and share knowledge to fathers on the legislative framework relatig to fathers in South Africa.
  • To unpack and empower fathers with the responsibilities and rights according to the legislation in South Africa.
  • To afford the guided psychosocial support and advise to young fathers with issues of care, contact and access to their children.
  • To empower young fathers to understand their role as fathers in their children’s lives.
  • Serves as a referral system of assistance for men in need of professional assistance on issues ranging from Care and Contact, Gender Based.

Is a SALGC programme that was rolled out in February 2021 under the coordination of Mr Israel Sekgale. The programme came in response to a realization that as much as we are advocating for men to take their position as leaders in this country, be in through families, work, church, civil organizations, we have to as much acknowledge that most of our men are wounded. Our men are broken and as such a call to try assist them was made. Part of the Psychosocial issue that haunt and victimise our men are and not limited to history of abuse, slavery to drugs and alcohol, slavery to anger, a class ceiling to properly being part of their children’s lives, no clear knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as fathers (marriage or unmarried) to their children thus becoming victims of parental alienation, and many more not mentioned here.

All the latter mentioned and many more, Lewa-La-Banna is here intentionally to tackle them. It is upon each and every one of us as men to acknowledge our struggles and find solutions to them. The Programme is as much accommodating our SALGC Young Ambassadors in preparing them to be better leaders to their families, communities and the nation. That is to be achieved through a variety of activities with the Young Ambassadors. The club believe that with the eminent establishment of SALGC Community Clubhouses for men and boys, this program will get enough traction and effectively change lives as planned.

Our community programmes

Developing men and boys into present leaders of their homes and communities. This will be achieved by amongst others recurring online meetings during the lockdowns followed by leadership workshops, seminars and training to groups of men and boys. The immediate aim is to change their individual thinking, which will unlock their potential and allow them to take on new opportunities and challenges they face.

It is through this holistic approach that crime including abuse and killings of women, children and each other will be eliminated.

In consolidation of the series of training mentioned above, the following will be the regular community activity programs.

  1. Men lunches — this is where men from various communities will engage through prearranged lunches meant to have them to network and engage on opportunities available amongst and outside their space.
  2. Father-son’s picnics at the park — prearranged picnics in which dads are invited with their boy-children ideally to network and build rapport amongst each other with the aim to end self-hate and school bullying amongst boys. Fatherless sons will be encouraged to be accompanied by adoptive fathers, uncles, male neighbours.
    1. Project Ro-Aluwa-Rothe – to be replicated in all participating communities where SALGC has presence. This project is meant to develop and improve the economic lives of all communities.
    2. Boy-Child Mentoring and Leadership Programmes –
Name and Location
of Communities

All communities within the republic of South Africa, particularly the previously disadvantaged communities and beyond.

SALGC local management hopes to engage interested businesses to be involved in partnership to these activities. They in return will gain marketing exposure to these communities and cement their trace in the young one’s mind from tender age as future investment.

Sponsors and Donors

SALGC is a vehicle for South African men and boys who through their personal or business capacity want to collaborate with a professional, transparent and compassionate organisation. Through this collaboration, SALGC will alleviate poverty in all communities and therefore reduce the social consequences of poverty. SALGC intends to collaborate with local and international organisations who aim to uplift every participating communities within the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

Management of Funds

SALGC adheres to strict financial management procedures. Integrity, transparency and excellence are key elements concerning how we handle our funds. Our financial accounts are externally audited. The salaries of our staff members are paid from income generated from sales of various merchandise thus allowing 100% of all other donations to be invested in Leadership Development programmes and community upliftment.

Application of Funds

All funds that are donated to specific programmes through SALGC are allocated to that programme. We monitor all our programmes to apprise sponsors and donors of the financial status on how the funds were utilized.

Annually, the allocation of all funds and the performance of each programme is reviewed and presented to the board of directors. All non-allocated funds that have been donated are allocated at the discretion of SALGC after careful assessments and evaluations have been made to determine the most suitable programme for these funds.