Our Recurring programmes

Bimonthly leadership lectures with various high-profile national & international leaders the purpose in line with  our founding pillar of mental liberation of our minds in developing us into effective leaders with high moral conviction…READ MORE

SALGC national school essay competition is a recurring annual competition affording male child from age 9-25 yrs to write an essay on toxic masculinity. The purpose is to have male child learning through research with the incentive of winnings)… READ MORE

Project Ro-Aluwa-Rothe (community based shareholding economic model in which communities own the wealth of their own communities through share scheme)… READ MORE

The greatest success of any leader is producing a successor. A leader who failes to do this, is a loser as all he/she ever build will collapse shortly after he or she pass.
We believe that we are all leaders in our respective areas of dominance. And it is for this reason that each one of us produce as successor by mentoring a child, wether yours or a neighbor’s – that’s true leadership…. Read More

Green vegetable garden project particularly for informal settlements filling up open spaces with vegetable gardens in order to sustain the communities… READ MORE

Father/Son & Father/Daughter Picnics/Lunches in partnership with business, the purpose is to fortify the relationship between fathers and their children… READ MORE


Programme 2021

Why be part of the programme?

  • to educate and share knowledge to fathers on the legislative framework relatig to fathers in South Africa.
  • To unpack and empower fathers with the responsibilities and rights according to the legislation in South Africa.
  • To afford the guided psychosocial support and advise to young fathers with issues of care, contact and access to their children.
  • To empower young fathers to understand their role as fathers in their children’s lives.
  • Serves as a referral system of assistance for men in need of professional assistance on issues ranging from Care and Contact, Gender Based


Our community programmes

Developing men and boys into present leaders of their homes and communities. This will be achieved by amongst others recurring online meetings during the lockdowns followed by leadership workshops, seminars and training to groups of men and boys. The immediate aim is to change their individual thinking, which will unlock their potential and allow them to take on new opportunities and challenges they face.

It is through this holistic approach that crime including abuse and killings of women, children and each other will be eliminated.

In consolidation of the series of training mentioned above, the following will be the regular community activity programs.

Name and Location
of Communities

All communities within the republic of South Africa, particularly the previously disadvantaged communities and beyond.

SALGC local management hopes to engage interested businesses to be involved in partnership to these activities. They in return will gain marketing exposure to these communities and cement their trace in the young one’s mind from tender age as future investment.

Sponsors and Donors

SALGC is a vehicle for South African men and boys who through their personal or business capacity want to collaborate with a professional, transparent and compassionate organisation. Through this collaboration, SALGC will alleviate poverty in all communities and therefore reduce the social consequences of poverty. SALGC intends to collaborate with local and international organisations who aim to uplift every participating communities within the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

Management of Funds

SALGC adheres to strict financial management procedures. Integrity, transparency and excellence are key elements concerning how we handle our funds. Our financial accounts are externally audited. The salaries of our staff members are paid from income generated from sales of various merchandise thus allowing 100% of all other donations to be invested in Leadership Development programmes and community upliftment.

Application of Funds

All funds that are donated to specific programmes through SALGC are allocated to that programme. We monitor all our programmes to apprise sponsors and donors of the financial status on how the funds were utilized.

Annually, the allocation of all funds and the performance of each programme is reviewed and presented to the board of directors. All non-allocated funds that have been donated are allocated at the discretion of SALGC after careful assessments and evaluations have been made to determine the most suitable programme for these funds.