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South African Leadership Gentleman’s Club (SALGC) 

South African Leadership Gentleman’s Club (SALGC) is a Non-Profit Organization. SALGC was founded in 2019 as an NPC and was registered in the same year with the Department of Social Development as a Section 21 organisation under the same name.

The word “SALGC” means, “as the abbreviation of the full name is inclusive of what the club stands for, “Gentlemen in Leadership” in the republic of South Africa. The purpose of SALGC is to develop South African men and boy-children into distinguished leaders that will carry out the mandate well pillared out on our five (5) Cardinal Pillars here below:


SALGC’s vision is for mental liberation of every South African man and boy-child, and create economic opportunities, inherently eliminating social ills, including among others all forms of crime against mankind. We hope our vision will result in families and communities of socialpeace and economic growth.


South African Leadership Gentleman’s club has a mission to rally South African men and boy-children under brand SALGC, to help them discover the leadership abilities lying dormant in each one of us. SALGC believes in bottom up leadership approach, and it for this reason a boy-child and man is at the centre of our focus with a national youth essay writing competition to address various issues of national importance including toxic-masculinity.


Assist all South African men and boys to discover the leadership power within them and recognize that loving, respecting and…

Buti Seipei _ Deputy Chairman


Executive Chairman

Sipho Nkosi BW


Executive IT Director

Our team

A diverse team of professionals with proven expertise and experience.

Developing leaders and economically wealthy and self-sustainable communities is in our team’s DNA! SALGC has recruited a number of motivated, experienced, transparent, trustworthy and qualified staff members who form our management team.


Online Leadership Lecture

South African Leadership Gentleman’s 3rd anniversary

  • Date: 29 Oct 2022
  • Time: 12h00
  • Venue: Hammanskraal

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Our Competition

SALGC National Essay Competition 2020

South African Leadership Gentleman’s Club is, for the first time, asking South African male youth to submit works of creative fiction on toxic masculinity, the effects and practical solutions.

To enter this year’s contest, write an original, fictional essay in which the effects of toxic masculinity on women, children and each other laid bare, both psycho-socio-economical and ground breaking solutions to it.

There are four basic rules:

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