The SALGC Young Ambassadors

About The Ambassadors

SALGC believes that family if the oldest institution on earth, much longer any Congress or even Church, therefore the club’s approach is to incorporate all elements of this structure by establishing the DESK OF SALGC YOUTH AMBASSADORS.

These are young men who are already contributing to bullying of fellow human beings or being victims of bullying in schools, communities and even homes where they reside, changing their mindset through various young mentoring programs will go a long way to giving us this much needed product we all so desire, a true inspirational Leader. The club has late in December appointed eight incredible young men from various provinces through a program called National Youth Essay-writing Competition (this is a national annual program –  coming again later this year) to be ambassadors for year 2021. Their responsibility include encouraging young men to join the club in order to also learn about Leadership through their engagement in available programs young programs including mentoring.

Although the club has not so far be able to attract any interested financial sponsor to support all these programs, we continue open to both individuals doners, corporates, government and everyone with good intention to contact SALGC leadership should there be any form of interest to support. We call on all interested South Africans with good hearts and great moral conviction to unconditionally support programs that uplift these young men nationally to that we produce and leave better men in this country to continue our family Lineages. Please view these young ambassadors photographs below. We encourage more boys to pull off the streets and be ambassadors of change in their communities and homes through this amazing platform, introduce change before being victims of change. Their membership is also free unless you wish to carry a card, then a fee of R120 will be payable upfront before a card can be issues with external service provider. See you in SALGC.