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South African Leadership Gentleman’s Club (SALGC) South African Leadership Gentleman’s Club is a Non-Profit Organization, a Public Benefit Organisation. SALGC was founded in 2019 as an NPC, and was registered in the same year with the department of Social Development as a section 21 organisation under the same name.

The word “SALGC” is the abbreviation of the full name, which means is inclusive of what the club stand for, “Gentlemen in Leadership” in our daily lives and interaction with one another.

The initial purpose of SALGC is still to develop South African men and boy-children into distinguished leaders so that they will be able to carry out the mandate well pillared out on our five (5) founding pillars here below:

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“Reviving Human Conscience and Giving Back Hope”

Our Five Founding Pillars

It is clear that nothing in this world changes until the mind has changed. For the country such as ours, which has been through what we have been through over hundreds of years, surely a complete mind change is imperative and should be a deliberate act from all quarters of the society.

It is clear that all what has been taught to us has been primarily for the agenda which has no Kingdom religion in it. It has resulted in a nation of destitute, despite being full of incredible ideas of how we can obey God’s command to Adam that he must “Work” and not find a job. We are a nation of men who have abandoned our natural responsibilities, outsourced it to the government, and turned the family into a subject of parliament instead of us (family) dictating what laws parliament should implement to retain morality and natural law.

Until we have changed how we think, government will not stop giving our minor children condoms without our concern. They will continue permitting our minor daughters to have abortions without us parents knowing; these are our children not the state.

We will be able to dictate to television producers to produce morality in their sopies and dramas, instead of the everyday violence, sex, various crimes which we see in our households through Tv’s every day aimed at undermining how we wish to raise our children – it is for this reason that we have such rebellious children everywhere.

This SALGC pillar targets our mind-change through our collaboration with incredible leaders here at home and across the world who are with our club in helping us in proper decision-making – interrogating the essence and importance of every decision we engage in.

Note that whatever you decide or ignore, will affect your lineage, you’re passing it on instead of doing something about it. It is this program that we call on leaders to stand up and educate the nation so that ignorance is no longer an excuse.

We are calling on every leader with high moral conviction, leaders who do not exasperate the nation with decisions that contradicts their actions to visit the club and share the good notes with our nation – Leadership Development, the best present anyone can give to the future.

At SALGC we believe respect is a right and not a privilege, one should not be respected because of their social status sex, ethnicity or race. The club has respect as an integral part of our behavioural values. One should not tell you they respect you without showing it.

We live in a society where toxic masculinity, race, sex and social positioning has become a criterion for respect. This club is targeting that mindset with various programs that will change this paradigm. It is in collaboration with available stakeholders that we will be activating programs that will educate the nation of men and boys on self-respect so that we are able to respect each other. In 2020 the club introduced one respect-stimulating-program for young men and boys of “national youth essay-writing competition”. Here we had in the club’s inaugural year a topic of toxic masculinity, our country’s youth where to research and write about this topic, and present solutions to this pandemic.

We believe that there will be many other programs which will be emanating from this pillar to educate both men, boys and the entire society in general on the value of respect for self and each other. A nation builds on the values of respect beginning in a family, will never experience the pain of rape, adultery, murder, fraud, theft from anyone including the poor.

Through this pillar, we are encouraging deliberate development of leadership through good moral values from a family setup, because family is a prototype of any nation.

When God said to Adam, “Work”, he knew that he has provided man with everything there to make him succeed. It is unfortunate that today despite large acres of land around us and our villages; we are wired to observe only money as a resource.

It becomes a foreign concept that communities and land could be resources. Land in our communities is used as dumping place, communities are viewed as competition and complete annoyance for limited resources; and as for money, it stays for less than three days on average in an average family bank account.

It is for this reasons that SALGC encourages collaboration with available stakeholders and our members to initiate programs that will talk to challenges mentioned on this pillar.

Although there are financial literacy programs out there, they are not available for everyone and most are commercialized making it impossible to anyone ordinary to access them. So is the case with general education on observing each other in communities as resources including the land which to most view only for residential purposes.

Like all other pillars, this one also targets our thinking and programs are

Everyone talks about township economy, but the beneficiaries are not people in those communities. Why is that and how is it even possible? The club believe that billions of dollars coming from our communities can be retained in the same communities for much longer is only we change how we think of view ourselves and each other.

The indictment is on those great leaders who emanate from these poor communities and through their intense education they manage to run multinational corporates but fail decimally to ploy back such wisdom to the communities they come from. They know better, they have better contacts, but they chose to do nothing.

This pillar addresses this evil quack mire, we are implementing programs such as Ro-Aluwa-Rothe (Venda word for “We are growing together”) to begin empowerment of our communities and where wealth will be forced to remain on same family for generations.

The club also challenges everyone to come with community economic initiatives in support of this pillar, deliberately for the perpetual benefit of the same community where their wealth is created. It should be an embarrassment to anyone running large corporates but failing to expose his community to opportunities and ideas which will quell poverty permanently.

Through this pillar, we also challenge the government to alter their education system to favour the nation, not the master. The club continues to invite professionals across all our nation to deliver ideas which will help this pillar achieve its purpose and these include accountants, lawyers, market specialists, actuarial scientists, health specialists and many more to contribute their knowledge on how together we can reach our stretched targets of these critical pillar. Developed from it targeting our thinking and how to be deliberate about what we do.

The world is moving at a frightening speed and whether you understand what is going on or not, the speed keeps increasing. Instead of us becoming the spectators, the club aims to have us involved in the game. This means ensuring that our youth are fully available in the opportunities and challenges coming with this fast-moving world.

The club aims to lobby government, business and everyone involved to make access to internet across all our communities a living possibility. This pillar is critical to the survival of our young nation which is already so depressed by lack of such critical resources.

We call on everyone who has ideas and contacts on how to achieve the objective of this pillar in this lifetime, to collaborate with the club in ensuring that this national objective achieved. At SALGC we are a generation which has low tolerance to mediocrity, because we fear that the high tolerance levels will inherently increase ours, and this will not be allowed. There are many such men and women out there who subscribe to this notion, we are therefore calling on you to urgently be part of this journey with us to effect change-for-results. We have no luxury of spectatorship anymore, we are a nation in serious destress, and no one is coming to our rescue if we remain spectators instead of leadership

activists/Agents of Change.

We will never be able to attain any of these set-objectives from these founding pillars without your support, let this national mandate be for us all, and not only those in front. – We are all born to lead, and it is our turn now, every single one of us.


Our strategy is best visualised by our SALGC funnel which exists of three elements, being Measure, Plan, and Implement. Our initial involvement in each project area is purely focused on the leadership development of men and boys of the particular community and its people. With the mentality change, it will be easy to notice and access available economic opportunities, which will uplift their communities.
Measure 33%
Plan 66%
Implement 99%

SALGC’s vision is to liberate all South African men and boy’s mentality, create economic opportunities and eliminate social ills, including among others all forms of crime including gender based violence, thus leading our homes and communities to social peace and economic growth.




SALGC has a mission to rally South African men and boy-children under the gentlemen’s club, help them discover the leadership abilities, which they possess and must be used for the betterment of themselves, their families, communities and South Africa.

Assist all South African men and boys to discover the leadership power within them and recognize that loving, respecting and protection women, children and each other is the most powerful thing we all can to for each other.

Assist all South African men and boys to discover the leadership power within them and realize that loving, respecting and protection women, children and each other is the most powerful thing we all can to for each other.

SALGC multifaceted programmers for Men are focused into driving:

  • The Empowerment of Men in society (Lewa la Banna – psychotherapy)
  • Financial Self-sustenance (Bee Keeping)
  • Tilling land (Community Vegetables Gardens & Orchards)
  • Role Model and Leadership (Boy|Child Nurturing & Mentoring)


  • Advanced operational systems
  • Advanced marketing campaigns
  • Have two hundred m thousand en and boys subscribing to SALGC and have them become change agents within their circles of influence.
  • To target social gatherings (socials) and churches as some of the main stakeholders in ensuring that men belong to the club meant for them

TIMEFRAME : 24-60 months

  • Brand building
  • Increased marketing campaigns
  • To ensure that every street of South Africa has men who belong to SALGC and make it every man’s dream to be part of this huge social movement.
  • Ensure that the movement is viewed as solid men outlets that every man wishes to belong to.
  • Every woman should wish to have their partners belonging to SALGC due to the values we uphold and every boy child wanting nothing less than being a full SALGC member in good standing.
  • SALGC to be one of the most recognizable brands nation-wide and globally.

TIMEFRAME : 60+ Months



Ethical Values of SALGC


SALGC’S Operational Values

Our Exit Strategy

Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) is a large part of our exit strategy and our sustainability plan plays a critical role within our community development model. As a national NPO, our main targets are all participating South African communities particularly those previously disadvantaged.

SALGC encourages establishments of project Ro-AIuwa-Rothe in every community to promote entrepreneurship and ensure that unemployed youth, adults, and communities can start their own businesses with the element of employment, start-up incubation, and procurement services.

Our goal here is to improve communities working together as opposed to individualism and eradicate poverty amongst the historically disadvantaged. The name SALGC indicates leadership responsibilities and activities as adopted behavior by most if not all men and boys in various South African communities and homes. We are not oblivious to the fact that for all this to bare results there must be serious-trade off’s, after all, there is nothing without skin in the game. Through all these aforementioned strategic pillars, SALGC aims to flatten the social crimes incidents curve and eliminate poverty and destitution. To achieve all these, we all need a new contract between SALGC, the community, business, government, and each other.