SALGC national school essay competition

Our country is occupied with various social ill’s which include amongst others the abuse, bullying and killing of women, children and each other by mostly men as common perpetrators, and this is not denying that women are also involved in these hideous crimes against children, other women and the vulnerable men.

SALGC believes that all these are a clear symptom of lack of family structure, a system responsible to producing leaders. Society is a prototype of family, that is why collapse of our families has resulted in the production of clusters of mafia’s masquerading as leaders.

With the believe that leadership development begins in a family structure, the leadership of this club decided to initiate this national program of SALGC

Youth essay-writing competition in line with the second pillar of “Total respect of self, women, children and each other”. Through this program the youth of this nation will be required to engage in the essay-writing of a selected nation-trending topic as a matter of fact the purpose being to have a national family conversation where children will engage their parents, guidance, teachers and each other on the meaning of the subject-matter or topic thus learning in the process. 

Our inaugural topic was “Toxic masculinity, with this topic the purpose was for a boy-child to learn the effects of their toxic behaviour on others, economy and each other, thus

learning the art of self-restrain in future when such behaviours pattens raises its ugly heads in themselves.

This is a recurring annual competition affording male child from age 9-25 years to write an essay on toxic masculinity. The purpose is to have male child learning through research with the incentive of winnings some prices sponsored by independent doners, business, government or international doners. This we find to be an effective method to covering the national youth of our country without the risk of disadvantaging other province over the others as is the usual trend in our country were city dwellers are almost near resources then non city dwellers.

The awaken-youth as the future of tomorrow, are the greatest gift we can give tomorrow through mentorship and relevant non-manipulative education.