Until each community in our country realise the power of their togetherness as the economic resource, will ensure economic freedom for themselves and future generations, poverty and destitute will be a foreign memory. SALGC believes that through its fourth pillar of “Creating economic opportunities amongst local communities and ensuring economic beneficiation from local wealth”. Through this community crowd-funding method, a shareholding business economic model is established which will depend on its own community shareholders for market and dividends growth.

Through Ro-Aluwa-Rothe, a Venda word meaning “we are growing together’, each participating community member will be able to pass on family wealth to their beneficiaries thus retaining wealth within family for generations to come. This economic model turns each community into an incredible economic force to reckon with as for the first-time economy created by the community is retained in the community longer for the same community beneficiation.

SALGC believe that it is an indictment of each community for external business to benefit from local community when same community members and the building blocks of external beneficiaries. This program requires mental or paradigm-shift as its commonly called.

SALGC challenges every community to take up this opportunity and engage the club in implementing Ro-Aluwa-Rothe in their communities, this toxic behaviour of selfish individualism should see the end of its ruin in this new era.

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