Is a SALGC programme that was rolled out in February 2021 under the coordination of Mr Israel Sekgale. The programme came in response to a realization that as much as we are advocating for men to take their position as leaders in this country, be in through families, work, church, civil organizations, we have to as much acknowledge that most of our men are wounded. Our men are broken and as such a call to try assist them was made. Part of the Psychosocial issue that haunt and victimise our men are and not limited to history of abuse, slavery to drugs and alcohol, slavery to anger, 

a class ceiling to properly being part of their children’s lives, no clear knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as fathers (marriage or unmarried) to their children thus becoming victims of parental alienation, and many more not mentioned here.

All the latter mentioned and many more, Lewa-La-Banna is here intentionally to tackle them. It is upon each and every one of us as men to acknowledge our struggles and find

solutions to them. The Programme is as much accommodating our SALGC Young Ambassadors in preparing them to be better leaders to their families, communities and the nation. That is to be achieved through a variety of activities with the Young Ambassadors. The club believe that with the eminent establishment of SALGC Community Clubhouses for men and boys, this program will get enough traction and effectively change lives as planned.