Green vegetable garden project

This program is mostly an encouragement of each house-hold to develop food manufacturing habit in eliminating poverty. This is in line with our third pillar of “rebuilding the relationship with our resources such as land, communities and money”. SALGC encourages each South African household to create value out of every piece of land available in their neighbourhoods and back yards.

All existing dumping places should be turned into micro green vegetable garden in order to sustain lives especially in these times of increased unemployment and depredation. This already will benefit healthy eating and eliminate unnecessary illnesses amongst our communities.


SALGC believes that households managed by children will also be long term beneficiaries of this changed behavioural project. Poverty begins in the brain, so we believe and if we change how we think, how we spend our time and how we receive one another and resources around us, we will never be forced to do ill in the name of poverty.

Start now, and send us WhatsApp pictures of your backyard garden or former dump place garden which we will post in encouragement of others. Until we change how we think, nothing around us will change, everything will remain the same – every cent counts.