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The South Africa Leadership Gentlemen’s Club (SALGC) is a national Club to all South African men and boy-child ages five years and older, and here are the two definitions of a South African man or boy;

  • By birth and origin is of the Republic of South Africa (like any nationality in their own country of origin).
  • Any man or boy-child within the Republic of South Africa irrespective of his origin but he is here under the recognition of the South African emigration laws under the auspices of the Department of Home Affairs.

These two definitions are inclusive of anyone lawfully in the country like they would be required anywhere in the world, and as a legal club under the South African NPO act we respect and abide by the laws of the republic, and so should all our members. Inauguration

SALGC was officially launched on Sunday 06 October 2019, at Hammanskraal Community Hall where the club’s founding cardinal pillars were unveiled. Men representing various institutions such as Metro Police, South African Police Services, Churches, local Community Radio station (Moretele FM), local newspaper and various others were in attendance. Various local expert speakers welcomed the SALGC and received it as a great partner to combating ‘issues’ concerning men and boy-child, which have dominated headlines for all the wrong reasons. The mission and vision of the club was well expounded for the audience; as a national NPO aimed exclusively for men issues and their mental emancipation. Our unique value proposition was through our founding cardinal pillars which are aimed to address the Psycho-socio-economic issues which are keeping our communities and homes on a back foot. These founding pillars are; click this link to the founding pillars.

It is through these founding pillars that SALGC is generating all the club’s community based programs, just to mention a few; which are click this link to the programms

The club continues to develop many more programs as and when a need arises and skill is available, and it is for that reason that SALGC continues to call on all professionals throughout the corners of this land to join the club. To give their time and intellect through community based development and execution programs, with a sole purpose of lifting our communities and homes out of the dungeons of poverty and destitution.


The club had appointed two directors, who unfortunately tendered their resignation in the month of June and as a result the club is in a final process to appointing two directors to fill the vacancies. It should be noted that the two former directors are still members of the club and are in full support of the interim leadership.  

The club is in a process to appoint the board members who will assist with the strategic running, funding and compliance on the business as required by the NPO act.

There is a huge workload from admin, operations and strategy, but due to the financial position of the club, SALGC has no employees on payroll. All work currently achieved through volunteers who pledge their time and other resources for a good course to the nation.


The club membership is R120 per annum renewable, which is equal to printing cost for the Leadership Gentlemen’s distinguished cards with brand imaging. No income is generated out of the membership fees. The membership is steadily growing with the numbers gradually nation-wide.


Although its business model is that of a corporate business; the club is currently operating on the noble sacrifice and donations from its members in leadership, however this premise is unsustainable. The club seeks negotiation offers with donors or funders who share the same values and dreams as SALGC, without compromising any of its values and convictions for financial gain. 

All financial transactions are through the SALGC Business account and a strong internal control, filing system for record keeping is maintained for accuracy, transparency and timeous reporting to donors and for external auditors. 


Till we meet again next time.

Stay blessed.

“Crisis creates new purpose, the nation is in crisis and pandemic, let’s find a new purpose”

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