And we meet again Friends…

Welcome back everyone to the graceful second quarter of this beautiful year. I am aware some of you celebrated easter long weekend through various travels to meet the loved one’s under the relaxed national lockdown measure of Covid-19.

Once again my deepest condolences to those who have lost their loved one’s during this past period. It is the continued call of this national club that we must reset to original African communities which have always being there for each other in and outside torrid times – the conditions we live under, call for that; our togetherness as a nation even more urgently now.

Our lives were given to us as a loving gift from our maker, with the intention for us to live and enjoy it under the laws of his heavenly Kingdom here on earth. It is therefore true that we are all meant to be successful if we seek knowledge and wisdom exclusively from the source of life at all times.

Let me welcome all leaders, FRIENDS OF SALGC (FOS), these are our women and life partners who were given to us by the source of life, to partner in this life journey together not as subjects or slaves. I am aware that they have elected a committee which will manage the affairs of FOS in support of the club even though I have not officially met or seen this structure for their Desk.

To the young lads, SALGC national youth, who emanated from the recent SALGC national essay-writing competition, and the more young ones joining the club every day. Always remember you are the club’s voice to the youth in your communities and nation – keep working hard and changing minds, by dominating the conversations with friends and colleagues.


This second quarter message has a much deeper message which needs us to up our comprehension of the conditions around us all, without being swallowed in public population manipulation intent. We have constantly seeing value vacillation everywhere we go, unfortunately it’s because we have outsourced our family responsibilities and children’s education to the government and media; which inherently continues to define the acceptable models of who is a man, what should be an ideal family life, and what a righteous family should be. Today we have a confused generation of  male whose definition comes from everyone except the source. It is therefore no surprise that as a result, we experience high incidents of gender-based violence, alcohol and child abuse, human-trafficking, bullying and killings of each other as men.

Our children are raised by the government and media, television highly sexualized soapies, violent dramas, pornography all over mobile phones and Tvs. Parents are no longer in charge of their adulting responsibilities anymore, but shockingly still hope to win the battle of restoration of family unit as the foundation of leadership development – how will that even be possible if we continue isolating ourselves from our natural responsibilities of being consciously present in all aspects of our family lives?  Gentlemen, this club is for you and you need to continually drift towards it through your deliberate intentions and actions

Your souls are constantly under discussion for total control, taking away your God given-will. Now how do you resist the diabolic control if your daily deliberate actions are not preserving your pure spirit and will, including that of your family?


South African Leadership Gentlemen’s Club calls on every men and women of this country, NPO’s, NGO’s including churches and all non-religious group like media and government to heed our call, and come together to restore our values as Kingdom citizens

Once again, I say, woe be unto us; if we are going to take everything given to us through media as gospel truth, and fail to first juxtapose it to God’s word and his well-defined values in his manual for human beings, the holy bible. Our children do not learn by listening, they learn by copying our behaviour, our daily actions; so father and mothers; let us not exasperate our children and later be shocked when they fill up prisons as angry men. Let us live the values our maker have defined for us to live, the family will remain the foundation of leadership despite what philosophy and science tell us.


This issue is extremely deep and many high profile leaders who have been invited to the club to address the nation on this matter have asked not to be involved in public, and I found it be to sad indeed because it is now more than ever that we need true valued Leaders, not populists.    I am not going to tell you whether you must vaccinate or you must not, I am not qualified to make such decision for your life and that of your loving family. The advice from the club is go and seek knowledge, because knowledge alone will not come to you and presents itself.     Those who bring knowledge to you may alter it to suit some possible diabolic agenda without you knowing. Seek knowledge before you allow any outside laboratory experimental substance to be put into your pure body. The indictment will be on you, if you allow your natural being to be diabolically altered when you could have decided better for you and your family which depends on you for knowledge and direction – seek knowledge now. These are critical times, we have let too much to pass without intentionally being involved; for our lives are at the center of the decisions made without us. Let your voice be heard, at least let your children and partner know what you stand for always, and live the values you pronounced as a leader, mother or father, son or daughter, brother or sister, aunt or ancle, grandma or grandpa.

Until we meet again in the next quarter Friends, hopefully you would have joined this national club as a member or FOS then.

Your expertise and knowledge is required here in building our communities and families.

Stay blessed.

Remember that, “you cannot criticize what you allowed. If you do not agree with any decision, be clear and stand out even if you stand alone. History will remember you”.

@Bo’T theOracle