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I thought to make this emphasis to all our readers here, understand that SALGC is not for perfect men who have no human weaknesses, but normal human beings who acknowledge that they are not perfect by any measure of imagination and are willing to keep trying to be better men, partners and fathers. Gentlemen, I urge you to join the club so that we learn and grow together. It is only in this way we will leave a better place for our future generations. At SALGC we are all equal, no social class make anyone better than others, we are all men with one mission and one mission only, to be better leaders of our communities and homes.


The initiative to hosting bimonthly leadership lectures has been gaining momentum, with various credible leaders giving the lectures on our platforms. We have been graced by truly credible leaders on our platforms and not populist mustarding as leaders.


On Sunday 09 August 2020, SALGC unveiled the official Desk of Friends of SALGC at a leadership lecture which was held on the day. The FOS is for all women of this country who are offering assistance and support to the men on their journey to rebuilding our communities and homes. This is a biblical model of God having made a man before forming a woman, then he gave a man the responsibility, and subsequently a woman as a helper to see him through what God instructed him to do. FOS are not members of SALGC, they are friends of SALGC with the aim to assist and support men with program designs and execution. They are crucial people in the equation because majority of them raise children alone when some men have ‘taken the easy way out’, and as the old adage says “behind every successful man is a strong wise woman”.


In recent weeks the leadership of SALGC has been hard at work designing and planning the national youth essay competition on toxic masculinity. This competition is referred to as “SALGC YOUNG MEN TAKE A STAND COMPETITION” and it is targeted at male child and young man from ages of nine (9) to twenty five(25) as participants. The bigger idea is to see them undertake a research on the subject matter and in the process get educated and as a result also educate those around them as they engage on this subject of toxic masculinity. This competition is officially running for a month in September and the evaluation and results should be ready by end of November 2020 depending on a number of submissions.


The leadership and membership of SALGC admits that we do not have answers to all challenges in this country, but our tolerance level does not allow us to sit in comfort when our communities and homes are degenerating. Members and FOS should visit the website and our social media platforms at least once a week to be updated on the latest developments including the future events and speakers.


We all have a role to play, lest we be remembered by history as a generation of hopeless parricides and consumers who came to earth to work, pay bills and die. We have a legacy to leave behind gentlemen, a good legacy and the time to build it is now. Let us see the membership activity growth and willingness to participate in all spheres of the club. We rather be inundated with requests to participate than have men playing armchair leaders when the country needs us so desperately, remember you cannot criticise what you allowed.

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“Everyone and everything in life was designed to succeed”

@Bo’T theOracle