Greeting Mzansi

The South African Leadership Gentlemen’s Club (SALGC) continues to forge strategic relationships and partnerships while its focus is also on membership growth.

We have ensured that compliance with the act is a priority in the first quarter of the club’s existence, with our relationship with SARS being in good standing. However, the application for BPO remains pending the results. This was followed with the successful registration with CSD database as a regulatory requirement if and when SALGC is to conduct any form of business with the state or any of its organs.


After the club’s official launch in Hammanskraal in 2019, the club went on to launch the Ekurhuleni branch in February of 2020. The entire corporate plan of formalizing all branches country-wide was interrupted by the national lockdown which came through Coronavirus outbreak in early March 2020, which came with many restrictions imposed, which impeded on our hosting of meetings due to the social gatherings and distancing restrictions. However, refusing to be deterred from the course, all our activations have been conducted via online platforms. 


SALGC recently hosted a national moment of silence of shame for the women and children who are killed by men in this country. Some of our members volunteered to partake in the initiative of making two videos each, one of pleading with their fellow men to stop the abuse and killing of women, children, and each other and the second video was on the actual observing of the moment of silence for 60 seconds. Some of these videos can be viewed from our club YouTube channel.

Looking forward to your continued engagement and collaborative hard work.

Stay safe, Covid-19 is real.

“ A crisis forces you to cancel a pattern, it drives opportunity and creativity”


@Bo’T theOracle