Father/Son & Father/Daughter Picnics/Lunches

South Africa was set to be leading the world with over six million fatherless children five ago. We believe that this number has increased tremendously with the scourge of joblessness and increased crime levels.

This club is teaching men through this program that no matter how long you have been away from your children for whatever reason, as long as you’re alive; you still have the opportunity to mend things, you can go back and repair the damage. It is for this reason that we open to collaboration with any interested sponsors, donors and business who is willing to coordinate lunch for fathers and daughters in a neutral environment

to get them talking; forging the broken relationship and paving the healthy way forward.

We call on all interested businesses to support this SALGC program, contact the club leadership or simply click the donation button on the far right of the home page and make your pledge for this incredible course. Pillar four, “rebuilding the relationship with our resources such as land each other/communities and money”