Family Totem mitigates criminality

Mr Samuel Lekalakala Biography

Mr Samuel Lekalakala, have been in Project Management space in both private and public sector for 2 decades.

His passion is in Human Development & Training. Currently he is an IT Project Manager for University of Johannesburg. He was instrumental in establishing Project Management Office for ECRDA- Eastern Cape Rural Development Agency.

Since Covid-19 has impacted both global and local economy negatively, Mr Samuel Lekalakala has established TERA- Township Economy Revitalisation Agency to change Mindset Change within the communities.

He conducts Mind Training Program i.e. Mindset Change (R³- Reset, Recalibrate & Rescript Mindset for Success) . Covid-19 has negatively impacted both global & local economy and Education System as a whole.

We conduct Mind Training to assist learners to achieve distinctions so that they can meet University admission requirements and qualify for bursaries instead of the 30% pass rate required by government. We also conduct Mind Training in Government Departments to (establish men’s forum & train men ) to mitigate GBV- Gender Based Violence. We believe GBV is a mind problem. Our approach towards GBV is action orientated not talkshow based, dealing with root causes and being proactive rather than being reactive.

Our Mind Training -“Recreating Best men” is bidirectional helping both perpetrators men -(on Anger Management & Emotional Intelligence) and victims (Mind Training for Women Empowerment to assist them to have Mental Toughness & Economic Empowerment).

We have rolled out the Mind Training in the following Government Departments:

  • National  Treasury, 
  • National Department of Transport
  • National Government Printing
  • National Environment Affairs
  • In Schools throughout the country

We conduct Mind Training to change the Mindset of the working class from depending on the bank and spend 20 years paying-off a property. We Reset, Recalibrate & Rescript Mindset to assist the working class to own the property within 5 years without a Bank Bond