Executive Announcements

Greetings Leaders

We continue focusing on the goal despite the many challenges we face as the Club, the Country, Community, Family and our Individualism/Souls.

In our pursuit to building the club and increasing its capacity, it is with great excitement that we announce the appointment of the CFO due by November 1st 2021. Mr Stanley Mmotong has agreed to be selfless by assuming the responsibility of the club’s finance portfolio. Mr Mmotong comes with immense experience and qualifications, we truly feel humbled at the club.

The insurmountable task of attract experienced and willing man and women to give their time for this nation continues as we all move forward and do the best we can within our strengths. At SALGC and we are patient with a believe that with time all the remaining portfolio’s will be filled.

Let us all please welcome our new Club Exec, Mr Mmotong, we wish him well in the herculean challenges laying ahead; your support will be of great importance to his execution of this national mandate of Reviving Human Conscience and Giving back HOPE”.