Conspiracy or No Conspiracy?

Mr. Bo Tlabakoe

Bo’s the founder and executive chairman of South African Leadership Gentlemen’s Club. Passionate about leadership development and mentoring through his strategic business and leadership acumen acquired through his tertiary education and extended corporate experience.

A father, and a Golfer, he places great emphasis on trust and believe in God, a disciplinarian who is results orientated in everything he gets involved in.  Bo’ founded SALGC due to his personal intolerance of the degeneration of the communities and homes, poor leadership on many levels of our communities and the continued abuse and killing of women, children and each other. He has set the following two goals for himself to be achieved in the first five years of the club;

  • For SALGC to be a NPO of choice for all South African men and boys, thus having its founding pillars dominating leadership conversation. 
  • His personal goal is to ensure that SALGC acquires accreditation as a facilitating institution developing and producing leaders in communities forgotten by business and the government.