The Boy Child Mentoring Project

The greatest success of any leader is producing a successor. A leader who failes to do this, is a loser as all he/she ever build will collapse shortly after he or she pass. We believe that we are all leaders in our respective areas of dominance. And it is for this reason that each one of us produce as successor by mentoring a child, wether yours or a neighbor’s – that’s true leadership.

Here at the Club a mentoring program is done through our group of national youth ambassadors who are given platform to be creative on how they can execute programs that will encourage leadership out of their peers and others.

The program is at infancy but a lot is underway to ensure its ultimate success.

Mentoring these young men is in a way creating measurable value out of them in that each plan is followed by evaluation and feedback.

There SALGC encourages every boy-child in this to make this opportunity work by joining the Club by participating in this incredible initiative which in a way encourages a culture of “work” before you reap.
This Club is for every young men and older men to benefit growth from. We therefore encourage every parent out there to encourage their boy-child to be at SALGC throughout their lives. This program aims to assist these young men to answer the pertinent question of who they are.

Let’s us also have business, private diners and parents who will adopt these boys by sponsoring their various programs. Any donors with good intentions are welcomed to support this immense initiative.
Please visit our website and by a “Donation” tab do your part in developing young men into a leadership transition.