Bimonthly leadership lectures

Although changing a person’s mindset is a herculean task, SALGC undertook this responsibility through collaboration with many other available participating stakeholders through this powerful program.

The resilient leadership of this club will not give up this responsibility even with limited interactive movement resulting from Covid-19 national regulations. It is therefore for this reason that these lectures although ideal to have in physical meetings, they happen online twice a month with various high-profile national & international leaders, and the purpose is in line with our first founding pillar of mental liberation of our minds in partnership with available stakeholders. The aim is developing us into effective leaders of high moral conviction, which will be passed on to generations after our time. SALGC sees topics of national importance being discussed and importantly the audience, both via Zoom, Facebook Live and other social media platforms are equipped with practical tools which help them in their everyday lives. The speakers volunteer their times as part of giving back to the nation, empowering those who would not afford such normally high paid services.

 A collaboration is formed with these speakers as some conclude to joining the club after their first visit while others due to their extremely busy schedules conclude to always be available to share their knowledge on the topics, they master the most as and when they are so requested to. There is never a shortage of topic of speaker each second Sunday of every month and usually most people have standing family appointment with SALGC on these selected Sundays.

Although always hosted by the Club chairman, he always opens up the platform for other leaders as a leadership exposure and empowerment of his team. However, the ultimate purpose is to have every SALGC leader championing and hosting their own initiative which will enable them to sharing their God-given gift with the rest of us through this amazing platform – At the end of the day it’s all about Leadership development. As the chairman always say, “the greatest gift you can give the future is producing a leader today”.