Review from Chairperson Seipei

Greetings from The Chairperson’s desk

SALGC as an NPO that strives to improve and effect changes to our communities thru various programmes and engagements, has gone thru some rough and difficult challenges in 2022.

Beginning of January to May 2022 the organization was already driving the execution of a Tendered programme with MQA in Thabazimbi, to empower the community with an Agriculture Training – Plant and Production programme which was offered to 60 x Candidates from that community.

The candidates were of different age grouping (youth and elders), eager to participate on this programme to attain the SETA Certification in training, as well formulation of their Cooperative Company as an exit strategy. The project was planned for a life cycle of three months with both learning and practical implementations, and rewarding the candidates with a stipend.  As with any first project rollout it was not going to be smooth sailing, we encountered oversighted items in the scope of work to be carried our as well financial commitments that needed enough capital to initiate the project.

Regardless of the challenges, we pursued to carry out this project as per our commitment to the community, the candidates and MQA. Just as any project cycle the deviations and scope creeps are expected with risk of hindering completion and closure of the project as expected to its timelines.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to our team in particular Ms Lekang Malete our SALGC Project Coordinator who diligently administered coordination and communication between the candidates, service provider (ROZARHO) under stewardship of Mr Ntsie Malao, MQA and SALGC.

Ms Malete your drive and courage of optimism to carrying out such a task will always be a standing example to all of us in many forms of tasks we are working on, and are thankful of your contribution.

I want to also take this opportunity to acknowledge some of the community leaders that enabled success to this programme by their understanding of the dire socio-economic challenges Thabazimbi is undergoing. I am in particular referring to Mr Teacher Seshwene the Librarian from Thabazimbi who accommodated us with access to the Library, as well his kindness to extend exposure of importance of the Library for the community and

the Computer Literacy training given our candidates whom some were their first time. We will always be grateful of your continued contributions to all forms of community initiates Sir.

This project was completed and closed with all deliverables met – Candidates all received their SETA Certifications and Cooperative Company registered for the candidates.

During the period of February and March 2022, SALGC assisted and promoted the selfless efforts of Ms Juanita Qhawekazi Dlamini from KZN for her initiative to setup a Kitchen that will serve the community in Inanda that was affected by the Floods. We would like to send our appreciations and wishes of blessings to Ms Dlamini and her Family for their kind hearts and Ubuntu to see the need to helping others, “siyabonga ninaboknene Dlamini” 

By the end of July 2022 we held our SALGC Annual General Meeting at Alafang Secondary School with stakeholders from the partnership and Leaners. The EXCO team presented the organization`s operational performance for the 2021/22 calendar year.

As the country was opening up and things were getting back to normality, the organization continued with offerings of bi-monthly lectures as early as February to August 2022, as part of our first pillar – mental liberation of South African Men,

where we looked at the following topics – “Personal Growth” by Mr Lichaba Kabeli; ABC`s of doing business with the State” by Ms Ntandose Gamede; “Don`t Allow Stress to destroy your Manhood” by Mzi Mnogoma; “Respect in a Family Struture” by Mr Chris Chambiwa; “Transition & Energy- phase 1 & 2” by Mr Enos Mbodi; “Philosophy of Life ” by Mr Ndabezitha Sibusiso Sithebe; “Living a Disciplined Life” by Mr Nhlanhla Matona;

To all the above mentioned Speakers I would like to send our warmest appreciations of your time and efforts to afford us enlightenment in sharing your knowledge as subject matter experts, Re a leboha, thank you so much.

The organization had to strengthen its Governance Code of Ethics and Compliance to its Executives and Organization as a whole around April 2022, this was as a result of misconduct and misrepresentation by an Executive found to be conducting illegal business in the name of the organization, without acknowledgement of required EXCO approvals and endorsement. The member was relieved from their role and SALGC ended its relationship with that member.

During this time our Chairman Mr Bongani Tlabakoe was undergoing serious health and life threating challenges which led to his resignation as the Chairman of SALGC.

Mr Buti Seipei was then requested by EXCO to fulfil the role as Acting Chairman for the period leading to the Board Meeting by end of May2022, where the EXCO of SALGC met with the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for Reporting on the Operational Performance of the organization for the fiscals 2021/22,

It was at this meeting that Mr Seipei was unanimously supported and appointed as Chairman after having served for six months as Acting Chairman for the organization.

In August 2022 our member in Pankop Mr Tebogo Mashita had planned and organised the PANKOP FUNRUN MARATHON (under the banner of SALGC), which was to get the community of Pankop encouraged to importance of healthy mind, body and soul. The event started with a 11km Marathon, followed by Aerobics and Prize-giving. We would like to thank all the sponsors (Pankop Build-It Hardware, Local Parlours and the Crèche) who saw and realized the bigger picture of this event.

The partnership that SALGC has with two other NPO`s Agents of Change and EduKit which is focused on schools programmes, collaborated to host a Career Guidance session at Alafang Secondary School in Katlehong, where pupils were being motivated and advised of the careers of interest.

In September 2002 SALGC sponsored and gave uniform (10 x School Shoes and Socks) as well Toiletries to the identified learners with the need, whom are participating in the EduKit Saturday Classes.

As the organization celebrated its 3rd Anniversary on the 6th October 2022, that whole month we dedicated our efforts to promote the organization and all the efforts to bringing change into our communities. Here is the message from the Chairman:

This significant milestone by SALGC evokes memories of where it all begun, the 6th Oct.2019 at Hammanskraal, Nelson Mandela Community Hall. The vision of our Honorary Chairman Ntate Bongani Tlabakoe was in execution that day. Men with significant intend to wanting change towards behavioural stereotypes against Men/Boychild gathered in support to inaugurate formation of SALGC. The selfless efforts of leaders to be recognized for their contribution – Ntate Lehare, Ntate Matjiane, Ntate Mojela, Ntate Motsamai, Ntate Swana, Ntate Majokana, Ntate Sithebe, Ntate Sebole, Ntate Sekgale, Ntate Rasenyalo, Ntate Nkosi, Ntate Mmotong, these men helped establishment of SALGC to date, and I want to sincerely thank you for making this a realized milestone. I’m reminded of quote by a Hip-hop Rapper – Mysonne “Today I stood with Brave Men who decided they weren’t going to do nothing! Men who didn’t sit home and critique and Criticizes!! Men who at a very crucial and Critical time in American history decided they would STAND UP!!

On the 3rd December 2022 we held a Men`s Talk with Men and Young men from Siluma View in Katlehong. The event was organized by the Joint Committee of our Partnership with Agents of Change & Edukit after realizing the idling youth and lack of motivation by young men in respecting themselves and their behaviour. Here is the message from SALGC Chairman:

Firstly I need to send our appreciation to the Joint Committee – (Agents of Change | EDUKIT | SALGC) for availing such an opportunity to engage Young & Old Men in SILUMA Section at the Tibane residence. Kopano ke Matla – Unity is Strength, I would like to also acknowledge our members who attended the event Mr Sekgale, Mr Sithebe your ever inspirational motivation which left men wanting more of you Sir, Mr Setoaba, Mr Mavuso and Mr Mlungisi gents’ thank you 👊

The efforts and vision of SALGC was welcome by the 25 odd gentlemen who came into the event, and lot of variant socio-economic aspects challenges to Men were discussed. It was such a beautiful thing just the positive atmosphere of everyone wanting good changes to themselves and community. We appreciated the support from our members who always see the bigger goal to these gathering to fulfil SALGC Vision & Mission. I would like to extend much appreciation to the two Ladies Ms Duduzile Tibane and Lesedi Choma for their selflessness and kindness to serve and prepare refreshments for this event, “siyabonga Mbokodo”.

On the 25th February 2023 we held the Men Talk in Siluma Section in Katlehong, the event was held at Lungisani Primary School under the theme – Grooming Men to the Fullest. There was a great jubilee in the faces of attending men whom we last met in December 2022, to have a second follow-up on the mostly requested discussion point of Emotional Intelligence by Sir Sibusiso Sithebe a SALGC member. 

Mr Sithebe conducted some individualised questionnaires as tools to give data feedback on participant`s Emotional Intelligence. And to a large degree we dealt in depth with the outcomes of the categorized levels of the EI and the balancing act on improving as well dealing with issues that hinder high EI state.

Interestingly the group was balanced in that we had young boys and adults males as well inclusion of our ladies Ms Duduzile and Ms Lesedi who also found the discussion topic to be impactful to them as well.

Our appreciation once again goes to Mr Sithebe for guiding these conversations towards self-introspection and talking of the importance of Emotion intelligence on one self, siyabonga Sithebe, NdabeZitha.

– @Buti Seipei –