And we meet again Friends …

The greatest pleasure of this amazing blessing, is being able to come back and give you this report and exclusive chairman’s views.

South African Leadership Gentlemen’s Club is officially turning two years this month, and we feel blessed and excited that we are still available to play the role we set out to do. This is not without any challenges any organization would face. One of the biggest challenges are human resources and failure to attract financial partners to assist taking our national mandated forward. Although we have lost one board member who resigned to pursue mandate in conflict of the club, the club has also managed to secure the selfless services of the Managing Director; a portfolio which has been vacant. There are still few crucial portfolio’s without personnel to see them through, however the club’s exco is hard at work to find suitable and selfless candidate to occupy these crucial portfolios.


The club’s membership has stabilised with steady growth, which is unfortunately below the target set out per quarter. Sadly we understand that the clubs mandate of development of man and boy-child has no appealing effect to businesses which could play a crucial role in partnership with the club. It is also apparent that the family-economies of most men has become a priority of their daily activities, thus selflessness becomes a distant foreign phenomenon. This is in no way downplaying the serious challenge of the indifference of good men within our nation of men.


The successful launch of SALGC Soweto branch in August was ultimately achieved despite the enormous challenges faced. The plans to rollout other branches are underway and so are plans for SALGC Club-houses in various communities. For this all these to be successful, we need a contribution of every member of the society, and that includes members and friends of the club. Members of the communities are all welcomed to assist the club by offering their advises and networks to enhance the mandate of the club. This include donations of any kind and forms which will make our workload bearable. Alone we cannot succeed to bring down the illusive peace which comes with high levels of economic emancipations of any nation.


To many think this phrase “social awakening” is just an academic jargon, but it should not be. The pain that our communities and families are living through at all times is evidence of the urgent need to reflect and review the path taken on by the government with the mandate given to them.

The controversial covid_19, the continued national lockdowns and the subsequent mandatory vaccine have no positive benefit to our families as poverty is more destructive than the so-called Covid deaths.

How do we call ourselves men and leaders of families and communities when we allow destruction of this magnitude to continue? Let me here repeat that you cannot critic what you have allowed.  We should never forget that we have a God -given freedom to use force to protest against the diabolic subversion of our power to the supremacy of the elite few. Using force does not mean violence  but our voices and uncooperative actions against draconian laws of this  regime which has overplayed its hand. Using violence will not set out a distinction between us and them, as violence meant violation of someone’s natural right. It started with the attack on the family, and then church through inquisition which still continues today driven by the vaccine Lords.

Our country is going through a lot of pain, a pain which continues to destroy men and women who they are supposed to protect and love.

The significance of social awakening cannot be underplayed because we are carrying the future on the generations after us, and it’s what we do or not do today which will determine their success in the path of righteousness. SALGC is not the only social movement of men and boy-child working selflessly to restore family and man, there are many others worldwide. We therefore call on all men and boys nationwide to rally behind the club in enhancing social awakening agenda to restore family and man from a demonic fall from grace. SALGC believe that every man and boy-child are born leaders, and that leadership responsibility is awaiting them  to assume their God-given assignment. Here at the club race, social class or education level have no differentiating effect, we are all one with different attributes and contribution. We therefore encourage many of you to join the club and give your time and brains to the enhancement of the club’s national mandate. It is our collective effort as men and woman of the land to do our positive bid in changing the status quo. Lest we forget the saying that says “evil multiply when good men are quite”.

Remember, “You should not complain if you’re not willing to do anything about it”.

– @Bo’T theOracle –